[ISWC2015-L] ISWC 2015 2nd June Announcement

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Thu Jun 25 23:20:30 EDT 2015

14th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2015)
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA
October 11 - 15, 2015

In this announcement:

1) Accepted Papers
2) SWSA Distinguished Dissertation Award due June 30
2) Poster and Demo Submission due June 30
3) Workshop Submissions due July 1 - 15
4) Industry Track submission due July 10
5) PhD Students, submit to ISWC and apply for a travel grant


1) Accepted Papers

The list of accepted Research, Empirical Studies and Experiments,
In-Use and Software, Data Sets and Ontologies papers can be found
here: http://iswc2015.semanticweb.org/program/accepted-papers

The statistics for the four tracks are the following:

- Submitted papers: 172
- Accepted papers: 38
- Acceptance Rate: 22%

Data Sets and Ontologies:
- Submitted papers: 35
- Accepted papers: 8
- Acceptance Rate: 23%

Empirical Studies and Experiment:
- Submitted papers: 23
- Accepted papers: 6
- Acceptance Rate: 26%

In-Use and Software:
- Submitted papers: 33
- Accepted papers: 11 (plus 3 conditional accept)
- Acceptance rate: 42%


2) SWSA Distinguished Dissertation Award deadline June 30

The Semantic Web Science Association (SWSA) invites applications for
the 2015 SWSA Distinguished Dissertation Award. The award will be
presented during ISWC 2015. The award includes a certificate and a
1000 euros payment. Travel costs to Bethlehem and a free registration
to ISWC 2015 will be covered. The winner is expected to attend the
ISWC 2015 conference.

Eligible doctoral dissertations are those which present innovative
research results related to the combination of semantics, data and the
Web, and which have been awarded a PhD between January 1, 2014 and
December 31, 2014, The selection of the dissertation will be based on
the originality, significance, and impact of the work. Evidence of
such impact includes (but is not limited to) publications at highly
selective conferences and journals in the field, in particular ISWC.

Deadline: June 30
For more information:


3) Poster and Demo Submission due June 30

The ISWC 2015 Posters and Demonstrations Track complements the
Research Paper track of the conference and offers an opportunity for
presenting late-breaking research results, on-going research projects,
and speculative or innovative work in progress. The informal setting
of the Posters and Demonstrations Track encourages presenters and
participants to engage in discussions about the presented work. Such
discussions can be invaluable inputs for the future work of the
presenters, while offering participants an effective way to broaden
their knowledge of the emerging research trends and to network with
other researchers.

Submissions due: June 30

For more information: http://iswc2015.semanticweb.org/calls/posters-and-demos

4) Workshop Submissions due July 1 -15

The workshop and tutorial program of ISWC consists of 14 full day
workshops, 10 half day workshops, 2 full day tutorials and 6 half day
tutorials. In addition to research-oriented workshops, we will also
have a Developer workshop and a workshop on Education

Submissions due: July 1 - 15

For more information: http://iswc2015.semanticweb.org/program/workshops

5) Industry Track submission due July 10

Research in Semantic Web Technologies is now underway for more than a
decade. We are beginning to see applications being piloted and/or put
into production not only by early adopters, but also by mainstream
organizations. Because Semantic Technologies often deliver backend
solutions, and are not visible from the outside, it is not always easy
to recognize their industrial uptake. The objective of this track is
to provide visibility of Semantic Web technology used in commercial
and industrial applications. Reports on the use of semantic
technologies in prototypes are specifically excluded from this track.

This track show cases use of Semantic Web technologies beyond academic
prototypes. How are Semantic technologies being used by mainstream or
in exciting niche markets? What is your success story? How can we
quantify the business value created by using the semantic
technologies? Where do you see the biggest opportunity for Semantic
Technologies in your business/industry?

Submissions due: July 10

For more information: http://iswc2015.semanticweb.org/calls/industry

6) PhD Students, submit to ISWC and apply for a travel grant

PhD students are highly encouraged to submit to ISWC, specially if
they have an accepted paper. There are still several ways to
participate at ISWC and be able to apply for a travel grant:

- Submit to workshops
- Present original ongoing research in the Poster/Demo track
- Presenting at the Semantic Web Challenge

Students are highly encouraged to apply to the Student Grants in order
to support the costs of travel and lodging. This year we will consider
supporting travel companions for attendees with special needs. We are
also considering offering support to help attendees who would
necessarily incur child care costs whilst attending ISWC and
travelling with a child.

For more information: http://iswc2015.semanticweb.org/attending/student-grants

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