[ALGTOP-L] Juan Souto's declaration

laurent at math.toronto.edu laurent at math.toronto.edu
Tue Jan 31 07:03:29 EST 2017

Hi All,

The following letter is relayed from Juan
Souto currently in Rennes France. His
formal declaration (at URL below) has been cosigned
already by over 300 colleagues. I note that
it proposes a standard for mathematics a small
notch above current practice. A healthy
thing !

L.C. Siebenmann

Date :        Sun, 29 Jan 2017 12:32:27
+0100 De :  Juan Souto <jsoutoc at gmail.com>

Friends and colleagues, or just plainly
"hola" if you prefer,

Surely as it is the case for you, I am
horrified with the policies of Trump's
administration. These policies have
terrible personal consequences for people
we know, either directly for themselves or
for their friends or relatives. But there
are also professional consequences. Not
only in terms of lacking job security or
because people feel vulnerable in a
professional setting just because of whom
they are or where they come from. But also
in practical terms because people, from one
day to the next, are not being able to
travel to attend conferences, give talks,

Besides supporting organisations like the
ACLU, it is not clear what to do about the
whole thing because everything one does
will be essentially symbolic. But symbols
have a value. At the very least they tell
people that their community does not
consider "normal" what is going on.

As such a symbol we have drafted an
inclusiveness statement which one can sign
- you can find it here


Also, again just as such a symbol, I have
personally decided that until things get
normal (if they do), I will not be
participating in any conference which does
not make some form of explicit statement
asserting that it is open to everybody. I
know that it is silly and that absolutely
nobody will care if I go to a conference or
if I don't, but well, some things are just
unacceptable and I just want that it is
said clearly.

Anyways, I wish you all a great day, and I
hope that the next e-mail is about math.


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