[ALGTOP-L] Wonderful French website on Poincare and topology, suitable for students (provided they know French).

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Tue Jan 17 04:34:53 EST 2017

From:  Nicolas Bergeron <nicolas.bergeron at imj-prg.fr>

Between 1895 and 1904, Henri Poincaré founded algebraic topology, then called Analysis Situs, by publishing a series of six revolutionary memoirs. These foundational texts are written in the inimitable style of Poincaré: ideas abound  ... mistakes also :). The whole set represents just over 300 pages of exceptional mathematics. More than a century later, the mathematical concepts introduced into these memories remain topical and constitute a compulsory rite of passage for any apprentice topologist.  The site


which we collectively created under the name of Henri Paul de Saint-Gervais aims to propose a "pedagogical object" of a new nature enabling the reader to learn the basis of the subject through a historical approach.

To better present this site we have written an article that you can read following the link


introducing  our website in a few pages (in French).

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