[ALGTOP-L] call for conference proposals-SPP 1786

Marc N. Levine marc.levine at uni-due.de
Fri Jun 24 01:32:05 EDT 2016

The Special Program SPP 1786 “Homotopy theory and algebraic geometry” is calling for workshop and conference proposals. The SPP 1786 is funding workshops and conference in the areas related to our program and held in Germany. We welcome proposals from anyone interested in organizing such an event; the organisers do not have to have positions in Germany. Our funding runs through March 2018, so any event must be held before that time. It is also an absolute requirement that the event be held in Germany. We have flexibility concerning the conference topic, however, we strongly prefer to fund events that are closely related to the main objectives of the SPP 1786; for details please see the original proposal for the establishement of the SPP to be found at the SPP webpage: https://www.uni-due.de/~bm0032/SPP1786/Web/index . There you can also to get an idea of the type of events we have already funded.

A proposal should contain at least the following information:

* a brief description of the proposed event with a list of organisers. A tentative list of speakers and an estimate of the number of participants would also be useful. 
* a proposed venue and dates
* a proposed budget and an outline of the funds being requested

Please send your proposal to 

Marc Levine
marc.levine at uni-due.de

with the subject: SPP 1786 conference proposal

Best regards,

Marc Levine

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