[ALGTOP-L] Final announcement for program on higher structures at MATRIX

Philip Hackney phackney at uos.de
Tue Apr 19 04:47:56 EDT 2016

This is the final call for registrations for the program on higher structures in geometry and physics to be held at MATRIX [http://www.matrixatmelbourne.org.au] (a new research institute outside of Melbourne, VIC, Australia) from June 5 — 18, 2016. Registration should be done at [http://www.matrixatmelbourne.org.au/events/higher-structures-in-geometry-and-physics/] by April 30.

Workshop June 6 — 10. Higher Structures.

Clark Barwick: Parametrised Higher Category Theory and Parametrised Higher Algebra
Philip Hackney & Marcy Robertson: infinity properads
Ralph Kaufmann: Feynman categories
Martin Markl: Operad-like structures, pasting schemes and graph complexes
Emily Riehl: weak complicial sets
Victor Turchin: Embedding calculus and the little discs operads

Conference June 15 — 17. Higher Structures: Advances.

Best regards,
Philip Hackney and Marcy Robertson

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