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W Stephen Wilson wsw at math.jhu.edu
Fri Sep 12 21:16:14 EDT 2014

Johns Hopkins University is in the fortunate position to have real jobs available this year.  In addition to our regular non-tenure track assistant professorships, we have a tenure track assistant professorship and a tenured associate professorship available for number theory, algebraic geometry, or algebraic topology.  

Although our priority is number theory with a secondary preference in algebraic geometry, we are often unable to come up with great candidates in those fields and an algebraic topologist, especially one who links up well with number theory and/or algebraic geometry, could well get slipped in.

See the link and note the short deadline:


JHU is a great work environment, we have very good students, and Baltimore is a nice livable city.

The department could be quite flexible with a job offer, giving the first year or so on leave for example.  Also, an appointment could be fast tracked for promotion for the right candidate.

Anyone interested in the tenured position who doesn't want to go through mathjobs could email me their CV and references with a letter of interest.

If interested, please apply.

W. Stephen Wilson
co-chair of the hiring committee

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