[ALGTOP-L] Harsh Pittie, 1944-2012

Don Davis dmd1 at Lehigh.EDU
Wed Jun 20 09:36:47 EDT 2012

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The following was reported on the AMS website: In Memoriam Harsh Pittie
<blockquote type="cite">Pittie died January 16 about two weeks after
his 68th birthday. He
received his PhD from Princeton University in 1970 under the direction
of John Coleman Moore. He was a member of the faculty at the University
of Georgia but left to take care of his father in Mumbai. Pittie was an
AMS member since 1967. <a
more</a> and see pictures of him on the blog <em>Circle and Square</em>.</blockquote>
Harsh wrote a number of papers in algebraic topology, mostly during the
1970's, and wrote the book Characteristic Classes of Foliations.<br>
His thesis was entitled "Group actions and algebraic K-theory."<br>
He attended the Algebraic Topology seminars at the CUNY Graduate Center
during the past decade.<br>
If anyone would like to add to this account or point to a more complete
obituary, it would be appreciated.<br>
Don Davis<br>

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