[ALGTOP-L] Virginia Conference on Algebraic Topology

Nicholas J. Kuhn njk4x at virginia.edu
Fri Apr 20 17:07:15 EDT 2012

Third  Announcement:

Virginia Conference on Algebraic Topology

Monday, June 11, 2012 -  Friday, June 15, 2012
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia

Website: http://math.virginia.edu/topology/UVATopologyConference.html

There is information on our website including some travel and hotel 
info, a rough schedule, and a registration page.  People interested in 
proposing a talk, and/or to be considered for funding, are asked to 
register by May 11.  We will be filling out the remaining part of our 
schedule soon after that.

Please feel free to email me (at njk4x at virginia.edu), or any of the 
other organizers, if you have questions.

Yours,   Nick Kuhn

Topics of the conference

* Interactions between functor calculus, operad theory, higher 
category theory, and periodic homotopy.

* Generalized homology and cohomology operations and their connections 
to commutative ring theory, number theory, and group cohomology.

Plenary Speakers:

Natalia Castellana (University Autonoma of Barcelona)
Michael Ching (Amherst College)
Teena Gerhardt (Michigan State University)
John Greenlees (University of Sheffield)
Andrey Lazarev (University of Leicester)
Kathryn Lesh (Union College)
Jacob Lurie (Harvard University)
Jack Morava (Johns Hopkins University)
Charles Rezk (University of Illinois)
Birget Richter  (University of Hamberg)
Lionel Schwartz (University of Paris 13)
Antoine Touze (University of Paris 13)
Bruno Vallette (University of Nice)

Organizing committee:

Greg Arone, University of Virginia
Bill Dwyer, Notre Dame University
Mike Hill, University of Virginia
Nick Kuhn, University of Virginia
Kathryn Lesh, Union College
Victor Turchin, Kansas State University

Funding for the conference comes from NSF Focused Research Group grant 
0967649 "The Calculus of Functors and the theory of Operads: 
Interactions and Applications".  Additional funding is being provided 
by UVA Department of Mathematics and the UVA College of Arts and 

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