[ALGTOP-L] Review of "Topology and groupoids" (2006)

Ronnie Brown ronnie.profbrown at btinternet.com
Thu Jan 19 06:01:24 EST 2012

Dear All,

Since I have published this book myself to keep the price down I also 
have to do the publicity! (Actually this was also an experiment to see 
how it would work, particularly in view of general complaints about book 
prices.) So I would like to draw your attention to a review by Michael 
Berg for the Mathematical Association of America which concludes

"The book is well written, indeed it is really a monograph composed by 
an insider and an expert; it is very serious mathematics presented in a 
sound pedagogical style: it is a very readable book equipped with fine 
examples and many exercises; and its impact should be felt beyond the 
confines of topology, even as topologists should be attracted to this 
material most strongly.

Topology and Groupoids is an impressive work which should be given a 
wide circulation.

BLL — The Basic Library List Committee suggests that undergraduate 
mathematics libraries consider this book for acquisition.

See the full review at 

The book may be ordered through amazon.com. More information is at


while some discussion of the issues of self publication are at


Ronnie Brown

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