[ALGTOP-L] Cascade Topology Seminar, second announcement

John H. Palmieri palmieri at math.washington.edu
Thu Nov 11 18:00:07 EST 2010

Autumn 2010 Cascade Topology Seminar, second (and last) announcement

The Autumn 2010 Cascade Topology Seminar will be held November
13-14 at the University of Washington.  We will have the following lectures:

 Aravind Asok, USC: "Low-dimensional A^1-homotopy theory"
 Julie Bergner, UC Riverside: "Generalized classifying space constructions"
 Dmitriy Morozov, Stanford: "Topological Data Analysis and Stability"
 Jeff Smith, UBC: "Borel equivariant homotopy theory"
 Ben Webster, Oregon: "Categorification, Lie algebras and topology"

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