[ALGTOP-L] ALGTOP-L Digest, Vol 492, Issue 1

jim stasheff jds at math.upenn.edu
Mon Nov 8 14:15:40 EST 2010

On 11/8/10 12:43 PM, Brayton Gray wrote in part:
> I loved point set topology when I was a sophomore. I was addicted to 
> it. Pure logical inference. I have always enjoyed teaching it and 
> think it is good for students in that it is very pure and is some 
> sense simple and beautiful. How much of it you teach is another 
> matter. I think a whole year of it is excessive. A semester of well 
> chosen topics would be my choice. I almost tortured a graduate student 
> once by insisting that she thoroughly understand Uhryson's lemma. A 
> lot of very careful stuff.
For me it began as a freshman with calculus under Moise
which led in an extra class session to a modified RL Moore method
finding my own proofs seduced me away from chem and physics and
  led to my taking his topology course as a senior


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