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CTIC2010: Workshop on Computational Topology in Image Context

   Chipiona/Cádiz, November 10-12, 2010

          General Chairs: Pedro Real, Rocío Gonzalez-Diaz

          Registration due: November 1, 2010


The aim of CTIC'2009 is to gather researchers dealing with the study of topological invariants from the computational point of view, and/or those who want to use topological information in image applications.
Indeed, people from different fields related to these studies share a growing interest in collaborating. These fields include: computational geometry, discrete geometry, geometrical modeling, algebraic topology and image processing. The workshop will provide an opportunity for the world's leading scientists and other participants in these fields, including young researchers, to exchange ideas. It will act as a catalyst for creating new collaborations, and starting new transversal projects.


The range of topics that are within the scope of the CTIC Workshop
includes (but is not limited to):

* Topological invariants and their computation, homology, cohomology, linking number, fundamental groups, ...

* Algorithm optimization for image applications, transfer of mathematical tools, parallel computation, hierarchical approaches, ...

* Experimental evaluation of algorithms and heuristics,

* Numerical issues arising in implementations,

* Combinatorial or multi-resolution models,

* Discrete or computational topology,

* Geometrical modeling guided by topological constraints,

* Use of topological information in image applications.


The registration fee is 360,00 Euro per person and includes:

* Participation to the workshop

* Accomodation (4 days + 4 nights) with breakfast, lunch and dinner included

* Electronic proceedings with ISSN

* USB pendrive  with all papers (in proceedings and not in proceedings)

* Social events

* Transport by bus from Seville to the workshop.

Please find more information at the Webpage


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