[ALGTOP-L] addendum to May 9 posting about Kervaire invariant

Peter Landweber landwebe at math.rutgers.edu
Wed May 13 11:40:28 EDT 2009

Dear Colleagues,

Here are some additions to my posting on May 9 about Peter M.  
Akhemt'ev's recent paper, arXiv:0710.5853v3,
on the Kervaire invariant.

For the fact that this approach is dealing with the familiar Kervaire  
invariant, see P.J. Eccles, Codimension one immersions and the  
Kervaire invariant problem, Math. Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. 90 (1981),  

The main result in this paper is that the number of dimensions for  
which the Kervaire invariant takes the value 1 is
finite, with no indication of how many such dimensions there are.

One can read an earlier 27-page paper in English by Akhkmet'ev on  
this approach to the Kervaire invariant, arXiv:0801.1417 (posted 9  
Jan 2008).

Peter Akhmet'ev will give a seminar talk on this work at Princeton  
University at 4:30 on Tuesday, May 19, in Fine Hall 1001.   There  
will be discussions with him before the talk, starting at 10:30 AM,  
and then after lunch as well.  Everyone is invited to attend the  
discussions, as well as Peter's seminar talk.

Peter Landweber

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