[ALGTOP-L] Conference on Topological Field Theories

pgoerss at math.northwestern.edu pgoerss at math.northwestern.edu
Mon Dec 15 13:43:00 EST 2008

Conference and Workshop
Topological Field Theories
Northwestern University

Workshop: May 19-29, 2009

Conference: May 25-29, 2009

Kevin Costello, Ezra Getzler, and I are organizing conference on
Topological Field Theory and related geometry, topology, and category
theory here at Northwestern University during the week of Memorial Day
(May 25-29, 2009). There will be a workshop -- aimed primarily (but not
exclusively) graduate students and others new to the field -- during the
preceding week. Both will be supported by the NSF and Northwestern.

Further information and a provisional and partial list of speakers is
available at


Further updates will be to that site. If you're interested in attending,
don't hesitate to write to us

tftconference at math.northwestern.edu


Paul Goerss

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