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Kathryn Hess kathryn.hess at epfl.ch
Thu Nov 27 09:53:46 EST 2008

The Swiss National Science Foundation is continuing its new and  
generous funding initiative for three-year postdoc positions.  Both  
Swiss who have spent time abroad and  non-Swiss interested in doing  
research in Switzerland are welcome to apply.

I encourage young topologists interested in spending three years in  
Switzerland and who by February 2009 will have spent at least 12  
months working at a university different from the one where they  
obtained their degrees to read the information below and to check out  
the web page


and then to contact me (kathryn.hess at epfl.ch) for help in applying.

Best wishes,



 From the website of the SNSF:

With Ambizione, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) would  
like to promote junior researchers in all disciplines. The programme  
is geared for young researchers who would like to conduct, manage and  
lead an independently planned project at a Swiss university. Ambizione  
is aimed at qualified researchers from Switzerland who are spending a  
stay abroad or have returned after a stay abroad, e.g. within a  
fellowships for advanced researchers. Moreover, Ambizione would like  
to attract the best, next-generation foreign talents to carry out  
research work in Switzerland.

Researchers will be subsidised for a maximum of 3 years with a salary  
(research associate level) and project funds. A one-year extension may  
be granted in justifiable cases.

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