[ALGTOP-L] Copenhagen postdoc+PhD positions

Jesper Grodal jg at math.ku.dk
Tue Oct 21 10:53:30 EDT 2008

The University of Copenhagen, Dept of Mathematical Sciences, is 
advertising several very attractive postdoc positions and PhD fellowships. 


for information about our (newly augmented!) topology group, and


for information about the positions. More information below.

- Jesper

Postdoctoral positions at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, 
University of Copenhagen

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at University of Copenhagen is 
seeking top young researchers for several attractive postdoctoral 
positions starting 1 September 2009. The positions are one to three year 

The salary is very competitive, currently approx EUR 60000/year (EUR 
5000/month), including pension, which for non-Danes amounts to EUR 
3000/month paid out after tax as salary, plus EUR 700/month (pre-tax) 
pension savings. The teaching load is 3 quarter (half-semester) courses 
per year, primarily related to the applicant's research.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences has strong research groups in many 
areas of mathematics, and has an active postdoc and visitors' programme. 
We refer to our homepage www.math.ku.dk for more information about our 

The review of applications will begin ** 1 December 2008 ** and to 
guarantee full consideration, we need your complete file before that date. 
We expect to make the first offers in late January 2009, with starting 
date 1 September 2009.

See www.math.ku.dk/jobs for information on how to apply.

PhD stipends at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University 
of Copenhagen

A number of PhD stipends in mathematics, statistics, insurance 
mathematics, and mathematical finance are available. To apply for any of 
these stipends you must have received a Master's Degree (or an equivalent 
degree), or expect to receive such a degree preferably no later than 1 
August 2009. The starting time for the stipends is mid spring 2009 (if you 
have obtained your Master's Degree no later than 10 February 2009) and 
fall 2009 otherwise.

The Ph.D. stipends include full tuition and a salary of approximately 
3,150 EUR per month (2008 level) before taxes (approximately 2000 EUR per 
month after taxes). The stipends run for 3 years.

In order for your application to be given full attention, your application 
and all supporting documents should be submitted no later than
** 1 January 2009 **

See www.math.ku.dk/jobs for information on how to apply.

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